Slow Roast

Everything you need to create the perfect Slow Roast.

Product details

Gather around the table to share a delicious roast and make unforgettable memories. The Slow Roast box contains, recipe and fresh ingredients for you and your family to cook. Pantry items not included: salt, pepper, olive oil, butter. Serves 4 to 6.

What's in the box

  • 2 x Bay Leaves

    Dried bay leaves adding aromatic flavour and fragrance.

  • 1 x Beef Stock Granules - 2 tsp

    Best quality soluable granules.

  • 1 x Beer

    A Crafty Pale Ale! Slight malty nose with aromatic hop flavours.

  • 1 x Sticky Brown Sugar

    Adding a little sweet and stickiness to the gravy.

  • 1 x Deboned Rolled Beef Brisket - 1,5kg

    Ideal for a succulent Slow Roast.

  • 2 x Onion

    Local, fresh produce.

  • 3 x Celery Sticks

    Local, fresh produce.

  • 2 x Carrots

    Local, fresh produce.

  • 10 x Potatoes

    Local, fresh produce.

  • 1 x Fresh Thyme - 10g

    Freshly picked herb with a subtle, slightly minty flavour.

  • 2 x Baby Carrots - 200g

    Local, fresh produce.

  • 1 x Fresh Parsley - 5g

    Local, fresh produce.

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