Ploughman's Box

A selection of cheeses and perfect pairings. Serves 4.

Product details

Gather round the table with friends and family to experience a world of amazing tastes and combinations. The selected cheeses are designed to work alongside each other and each one has been paired with the perfect accompaniment to make it extra yummy. Serves 4.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Fairview Blue Rock - 100g

    Full fat, semi-soft blue mould Roquefort-style cheese, with a firm and crumbly texture.

  • 1 x Fairview Chevin Garlic & Herb - 100g

    A smooth and flavourful goat’s milk log, rolled in garlic and herbs, and ending off on a salty note.

  • 1 x Woodsmoked Cheddar - 150g

    Artisan cheese, cold smoked in a beech wood smoker to give the cheese a natural smoked flavour.

  • 1 x Sweet Red Pepper Chutney - 120ml

    Handmade chutney. Slightly spicy with a hint of paprika.

  • 1 x Crunchy Cucumber Ribbons - 125ml

    The perfect crunchy pickle for cheese. Pairs beautifully with wood-smoked or farm-style cheddar.

  • 1 x Crushed Walnuts - 50g

    Raw, shelled and crushed into smaller pieces. Perfect match for blue cheese.

  • 1 x Water Biscuits - 125g

    Thin, crisp, unsweetened biscuit.

  • 1 x Sourdough Loaf

    A par-baked, crusty artisan bread.

  • 1 x Prosciutto Crudo - 70g

    Sweet, delicate, dry cured Italian ham. Finely sliced.

  • 2 x Fresh Pears

    Fresh-from-the-farm, seasonal variety. Sweet and crunchy.

  • 1 x Wild Rocket - 40g

    Fresh salad leaf with a peppery flavour.

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